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I never really paid attention to the MAC despite hearing about it everywhere and only knowing that it was an awesome eyeshadow brush. But now I know why! I had big expectations for this brush and I find it very scratchy and not so great as I was expecting. Call me picky but I really find it scratchy. Although the shape is great for my small eyes or for any eye size really.

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The Hakuhodo are said to be the Rolls Royce of natural hair makeup brushes, and for the eye brushes the prices are even cheaper than MAC. The WayneGoss's brushes are said to blow the MAC's brushes out of the water and are cruelty-free, so I wont be buying any other MAC brush again, not this one not any other one, this one really disappointed me and it's their most famous brush.

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  5. This blending brush is a dead ringer for MAC's - but it's €3 from Penneys | rentnessvanmahy.cf?
  6. This blending brush is a dead ringer for MAC's 217 - but it's €3 from Penneys!
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I'll look for better quality for the same amount of money. Friday, 16 August MAC 's similar and affordable dupes. Hey pretty ladies,.

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  • Since buying the well known brush from MAC, I had to do a comparison review on it. Starting off, these types of blending brushes are famous for reasons that are purely practical; which is that they are multi-use.

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    • The Best Eyeshadow Blending Brushes & Dupes?
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    • You can use these brushes to blend in foundation time consuming , blend in concealer, apply eye shadow, blend out eye shadow most known for , strategic powder placement, etc. All of these uses come to a conclusion that this type of brush will be handy for anyone that dabbles in makeup, like you and me.

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      The MAC is made from ultra soft goat hair bristles which makes blending feeling like a relaxing task rather than a chore. It's a must loved brush by me as well as the rest of the beauty world. Bdellium Tools are known for treating their brushes with an anti bacterial protection on the bristles, this may not last forever after washes and spot cleaning but it is an added bonus. And on that note, we have a gorge tutorial for you to create a look from Paris Fashion Week and it's all about blending, blending, blending.


      4 Budget-Friendly MAC 217 Dupes.

      My favourite brush of all time to achieve this is my MAC It's always been my go-to brush. Here are four more brushes from MAC that I can't live without. Had the P. S range from Penneys been available back 14 years ago when I started my makeup journey, it would have saved me a hell of a lot of money.

      This brush is exactly like the MAC version right down to the tapered tip. My advice?

      MAC 217 Blending Brush: Review

      Pick up a ton of them and add them to your next beauty haul. Stay updated with Beaut. When you find the perfect blending brush, you wear it out fast. It's just a fact of blending brushes.

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