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Careful about giving you the best musical experience, we regularly update our products to better satisfy our users. For me it defaulted to AirPlay for some reason.

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Pros: This app is extremely feature rich for being free. Pitch matching, measure sync, and so much information output that I'm actually a wee bit overloaded. It also runs really smooth. I'm impressed that it correctly parses the iTunes XML file to instantly show my song library, unlike some other apps which insist on scanning the file structure. Support for different bindings on different keyboards is awesome.

Cons: Preferences is on the File menu instead of the Application menu, making it easy to overlook.

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This makes for a confusing first use, since it doesn't default to the built in audio out and it's not clear how to fix that. Interface is very daunting and not newbie friendly; if you don't know how to DJ already then the purpose of most of the controls will completely illude you.

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The chosen star graphics for the itunes playlists are too bright and lack contrast, making them hard to read at a glance. Could also benefit by some different fonts, the text in the collection pane is way too large. I'm trying to use headphones, so selecting my Bose QuietComforts, it immediately enables the mic on it and loops it to the output, disabling it does nothing, nor does it seem to output sound to the headphones.

Works over the speakers but isn't robust enough for my usage if it can't properly change inputs and outputs to begin with. Well, I think? Maybe it will work? I dont know But one thing that I do know is that the 1st step soundcloud dosn't work for me Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description The most professional free DJ software.

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Two days after, I performed another show, and the same thing happened! Frustrated, I decided to knuckle down and sort out what had happened.

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  4. A few days before my festival mishap, I had noticed something strange in my browser window. Strike one. Strike two.

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    In a nutshell: Organise daily, backup regularly, and never download apps from dodgy sources and naughty sites, folks! Here are a couple of tips to get your DJ software of choice running as smoothly as possible on your Mac:. Further, a good bit of advice that a programmer mentor gave me when I was a kid is that no matter how advanced and foolproof computers become in principle, all it takes is one instance of human error to render it useless.

    Start from scratch

    Running through the checklist above as a habit before a DJ set makes your Mac and DJ software run at their best, letting you focus on rocking that dancefloor without worry. Have any OSX optimisation tips to share?

    Plug in your favorite DJ controllers.

    What about horror stories about your DJ software freezing up because of a computer issue? Share it with us in the comments section below! A DJ since , he ran a successful recording studio for many years, and is a music producer and sound engineer too. Copy Link Copied! Last updated 27 March,