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I accept Manage Cookies. Blue Diode Lasers for Confocal Microscopy - Introducing the stable, high-performance nanometer diode laser, this brochure describes how the system is modulated to permit high speed control of excitation light intensity over a selected region of the specimen. The document also reviews accompanying software and water immersion objectives corrected for spherical and chromatic aberrations in the visible light region.

Detailed specifications for the laser system are also presented. BX51 System Microscope BX2 Series - The Olympus BX51 universal research microscope features superb optical performance with a wide variety of contrast enhancing techniques, such as fluorescence, differential interference contrast, phase contrast, and darkfield. Built around a structurally rigid and compact Y-shaped motif, the BX51 is an excellent research-level imaging platform exhibiting versatility, a wide range of accessories, logical layout, and an ergonomic design.

Selective addition of only the desired accessories allows maximum flexibility for automated imaging solutions.

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  6. Also, on top of the many benefits it shares with the BX51, the BX61 microscope incorporates a precise Z-axis focus motor into its durable frame. BX52 Research Microscope BX2 Series - In addition to all of the advantages of the BX51, the Olympus BX52 offers rock-solid stability and rigidity enhanced by a special composite material of ceramic and aluminum, as well as superior fluorescence technology.

    Designed and built for leading research applications, the BX52 utilizes a newly-developed aspheric lens in the lamp housing to improve light collection and achromatic performance right up to near infrared conditions and meets all of the requirements for advanced laser microscopy, three-dimensional image analysis, and time-lapse experiments.

    The inverted instrument is also equipped with new fluorescence accessories and a V-shaped optical path for improved sensitivity in critical applications, while an external power supply ensures a stable platform for time-lapse observations. Other advanced applications that the IX71 facilitates include microinjection, multi dimensional imaging, and total internal reflection microscopy TIRFM. All major functions can be motorized, including focus, illumination, objectives, and optical path selection, and these motorized units may be operated via a remote handset, computer, or buttons on the microscope body.

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    Additionally, the IX81 features numerous input and output ports, facilitating the use of several light sources and detectors. The camera, which can be operated entirely from a control unit, is equipped with a universal C-mount thread that allows attachment to almost any microscope and a tiltable 3.

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    DP70 Digital Camera - Capable of capturing Coupled with advanced, multi-function software, the DP70 optimizes real-time acquisition conditions and subsequent image management, simplifying the strenuous demands of modern microscopy. Q-Color 3 Imaging System - The Q-Color 3 digital imaging system delivers high resolution color images for microscopy documentation and publication.

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