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In the box that appears, under 'Category' select 'Mail Merge', and under 'Field names' select 'Next':. Word will then create for you a new document, with several tickets per page, each ticket having a unique number:. Print out that document, and you are done! Looking for an easier way? Use this simple online tool to create numbered raffle tickets and then print them at home from your own computer:. Email This BlogThis! Labels: mac , numbered raffle tickets , word. Login or Sign Up.

Free Raffle Ticket Templates For Mac

Best way to do sequential numbering for raffle tickets, etc. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 3. Filtered by:.

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Previous 1 2 3 template Next. I know that PrintShopMail will do it, but I was wandering if there was a less expensive solution out there so that I could get numbered tickets usually 4-up right off the Xerox. I just want to avoid having to go the the Windmill after trimming and doing it the old fashion way. There is a tiny little copy shop here in town that is doing it, and am willing to bet that they are not using PrintShopMail, but I'm also not going to ask them to share their methods with a competitor.

There has to be cheaper solution. I know that I can do it with auto page numbering in Indesign, but that means I can only print raffle tickets 1-up which wont work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Tags: None. Cory Smith. Re: Best way to do sequential numbering for raffle tickets, etc. I have used Filemaker Pro in the past to do what you are after. Comment Post Cancel.

Ticket Template For Mac

Check with your municipality, state or province, and federal governments to make sure your raffle is legal. They are often great resources on how to run a successful fund raising raffle. Raffles are fun!

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Getting in trouble with the law or tax man is not. Printing your own tickets can help. It could save you money and it gives you complete control over how your tickets look. You can usually get them cheap at a dollar store. To make sure people get their prizes, give them lots of room to print their name, address, and phone number. Some people are leery about giving out their address, but do make sure you get a printed name and phone number.

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You can also put a space to get their e-mail address. Whether you're saving for a new gadget or fundraising for a good cause, here's a step by step tutorial. Read More in no time.

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Click on that and a new window will open. This window tells you a bit about the template. No tiring copying and pasting needed. The template shows just 5 tickets, but once you have them looking the way you want, just multiply them using copy and paste.

Note, however, that the sequential numbering is not automatic. You would have to edit that on each ticket.

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Two of them are run-of-the-mill tickets that would be great for things like an office or classroom draw. The other four are the ones that are most helpful as they do automatic serial numbering. The four templates with automatic serial numbering are quite nice and one of them will most likely be suitable for your needs. You can edit them as well. Doing so will give you a fresh template, in case you need one.

The tickets there are more the standard fare.

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They have different sizes, layouts, and downloads for both Microsoft Word and Corel Draw. Editing the tickets in Word is the same as editing anything, so you can really customize these as you see fit. You can print them off and cut them with a paper cutter or scissors. Should you find a template you like, but need the sequential numbering, you can order those from them, too. Then you can tear them apart like stamps. Although the pronunciation of Hloom is up for grabs, they do have some great ticket templates. With 14 completely different templates, you should be able to find something you can use.

Hloom offers some tips on creating your own sequential numbering in Word, using mail merge.

The video that they suggest shows it best. Using mail merge to create sequentially numbered tickets is just one way. Word comes with a handy function that makes numbering easier, once you know how. Many raffle ticket templates use them, yet few sites explain how it works. To see if it uses the SEQ function, you need to download the template first. Then, open it in Word, click right in the middle of where a serial number is, and then right-click.

When the context menu opens, look for the choice Edit Field…. If it does exist, click on it. When the next window opens, you should see SEQ in the Advance field properties box.